I am a Dane living in the South of Spain. I have also lived in other countries in Europe, South America and Asia.
I own a lemon farm. Well, by the standards around here it is very small. However, it does take up some of my time and yeah, there is also room for some chickens, a little kitchen garden and a few other fruit trees.
I work as a translator. My services are described here.
Photography is a passion and a creative outlet for me. I photograph where I am and always carry my camera with me as every moment is a chance to capture something. Taking images is meditative and absorbing and I love that you can always learn new things.
Any questions, comments or information about my photography | pricing | availability, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. I’m always in for interesting and/or fun collaborations and projects.

Some of my images are also available for licensing on Getty Images.
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