Shadow branches

It has been years since I had a walk in the neighborhood where my apartment on the Coast is.

I discovered a new street from where there was a view down to a riding school and a muddy puddle. I also had a closer look at a construction site where there is beeing built a farmacy a.o.


I am looking for light in my house … places, corners shadows. The light in the afternoon by the front door is casting soft, long shadows.

And it is the season for pears. These ones are very sweet and firm.




Some of the things I saw today

looking up …
though my lens. Blue sky, a few clouds and stuff in Mijas Pueblo and Carratraca

and then the full moon rising in Álora πŸ™‚

A photo a day

Back in 2010 I did a photo a day for 365 days project.
Last month I started a new 365 days project, this time a black and white photo every day for a year. I hope to learn about

  • what makes a good black and white photo to me
  • what subject matters I like in black and white
  • seeing without colors
  • editing black and white


Free stuff

Over time I have taken loads of photos like the above which is a section of an old boat on land. I have also taken loads of photos of pretty flowers, skies and clouds, and walls a.o. Some of them are uploaded to and maybe you can use them as backgrounds, textures or if you need something for your powerpoint presentation. You are free to use them πŸ™‚