Sunday after the 8th of September is the day of the annual pilgrimage to escort the  patron of Álora, la Virgen de las Flores, back to her sanctuary after nine days in the parroquial church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación. The virgin is escorted by carts, wagons, tractors, people on horsebacks, and people on foot.

It’s a big day in town … and it’s a big day for photographers of all kinds.


Once in a while

I am vegetarian most days … and weeks, actually. Not because I don’t like meat, but because of environmental reasons.

This month I went with a friend who knows a shepard to get a lamb to share between us …


This is goat country┬á … and I just have to photograph them whenever I get the chance …

this time I was so lucky as to capture this little very newborn one too.