Sundays in October

Today we changed the clock to Winter time … and temperature has been winter like.

The other Sundays this month I have been enjoying walks along the sea in nice sunny 20+ C weather.

These photos are from the last stretch of beach to the west of Málaga city. The tourists have gone and the seagulls had taken over. At least for a little while.





Hello September

June, July and August … wow, these months have passed very fast and at the same time very slow.

I broke my ankle the last day of May and have therefore not been able to go out and about as I usually do.


I have been home … and have had time to sort out all my pics = deleting like half of them. Until Spring I used mainly Adobe Lightroom, a bought version, to organize and develop my pics. However, Lightroom started to crash and when I looked into it, found out that it was due to Mac updates.

I really do not like the concept of subscribing to Adobe so I have downloaded the free Adobe Bridge to help me with the overview and organization of my pics. It is not as nice and easy and convenient as Lightroom, but it is ok, especially because it is free. Quitting Lightroom also meant that I was forced to get to use the Affinity Photo that I bought when it was still in Beta to develop and edit … and yes, it is a rather different routine than doing everything in Lightroom, but so far I am very pleased with Affinity though I still have a lot to learn.

So, over the Summer I have not been out taking photographs. But I have a cool roof terrace that I have been able to climb … on one leg, to photograph a bit. Here is a small collection of the stuff I can see from there 🙂


I am looking for light in my house … places, corners shadows. The light in the afternoon by the front door is casting soft, long shadows.

And it is the season for pears. These ones are very sweet and firm.





It’s a dangerous world out there.

I am glad I borrowed this Lensbaby instead of just buying one … hmm, I kind of like the effect, but then again, njaaa :/

Some of the things I saw today

looking up …
though my lens. Blue sky, a few clouds and stuff in Mijas Pueblo and Carratraca

and then the full moon rising in Álora 🙂

Free stuff

Over time I have taken loads of photos like the above which is a section of an old boat on land. I have also taken loads of photos of pretty flowers, skies and clouds, and walls a.o. Some of them are uploaded to and maybe you can use them as backgrounds, textures or if you need something for your powerpoint presentation. You are free to use them 🙂