Have not been out photographing a lot this month. It has been cold and dark … and raining.

Love the foliage on the tree (not sure of the name) and it gets lovely yellow flowers once a year.

The shadows on my neighbour’s house fascinates me. The a car passes by at night, the shadows from the lemon trees come to life.

Still around

My 365 project lasted 60 days. I really enjoyed having to take a photo a day, but I got to miss colors … and well, I really did not have the time to spend on photographing and editing.

I have also changed the layout of this site. I liked the previous one, but I had made it kind of too complicated for me to post and it made me feel lazy about posting. My plan is to be a bit more consistent and post more frequent.

A photo a day

Back in 2010 I did a photo a day for 365 days project.
Last month I started a new 365 days project, this time a black and white photo every day for a year. I hope to learn about

  • what makes a good black and white photo to me
  • what subject matters I like in black and white
  • seeing without colors
  • editing black and white