Lemons and oranges

I have learned that the lemons you see here is a variety called “Verna” that is harvested between February and May. These trees have a second harvest of lemons that is called “Redojo” that are harvested during Summer …

The oranges are of course not just oranges … I do not know, yet, what kind of oranges the ones on the photo above are. I do know that they taste good.

… and cats

or rather kittens. They moved into the finca about a month ago now. Here is one of them. They grow fast.


These roses and many more grow on a small patch just around the corner from my house. I think the neighbours in the street have planted them and take care of them.

New Year

Walking the same paths this year, yeah, why not.

And I cannot resist photographing the almond blossoms … they are everywhere right now.

Misty days

Or rather really foggy days in November.

That day the clouds painted the landscape around me in a way that is not very common around here.




In the sky

I just really like the colors on the sky.

The plane in the air is going to land in Málaga airport. It is about 10 minutes away … up there.