Once in a while

I am vegetarian most days … and weeks, actually. Not because I don’t like meat, but because of environmental reasons.

This month I went with a friend who knows a shepard to get a lamb to share between us …

Misty days

Or rather really foggy days in November.

That day the clouds painted the landscape around me in a way that is not very common around here.





It’s a dangerous world out there.

I am glad I borrowed this Lensbaby instead of just buying one … hmm, I kind of like the effect, but then again, njaaa :/


A one year birthday celebration
Morning cosyness
The view towards Sweden from a tower at Kronborg
Visting a castle – Kronborg in Elsinore

1 year old

morning relax

in Elsinore

Visiting Kronborg

and relaxing blue at Costa del SolMediterrainean blueSome moments from the past month.