Days at home

Not going anywhere since 14 March … I got these roses from the man who takes care of them on a small patch overlooking town. They have lasted until today.

Easter… again

Well, it was all last week and it is over now. But when there is all this action going on at your doorstep, I cannot resist going out and photograph it.

These ones are from Palm Sunday when they were passing by the square where I live.

Lemons and oranges

I have learned that the lemons you see here is a variety called “Verna” that is harvested between February and May. These trees have a second harvest of lemons that is called “Redojo” that are harvested during Summer …

The oranges are of course not just oranges … I do not know, yet, what kind of oranges the ones on the photo above are. I do know that they taste good.

… and cats

or rather kittens. They moved into the finca about a month ago now. Here is one of them. They grow fast.