Looking at buildings

This is Ciudad de la Justicia (City of Justice) in Málaga. It is about 70,000 m² and, according to Wikipedia, the largest administrative building in Andalucía. You can see a few more of my pics of the building on my Instagram.

Shadow branches

It has been years since I had a walk in the neighborhood where my apartment on the Coast is.

I discovered a new street from where there was a view down to a riding school and a muddy puddle. I also had a closer look at a construction site where there is beeing built a farmacy a.o.


Yellow in Autumn is really pretty and oh, how it brightens up the wet and grey days.

Just been on a short visit to Copenhagen to visit family.



Sundays in October

Today we changed the clock to Winter time … and temperature has been winter like.

The other Sundays this month I have been enjoying walks along the sea in nice sunny 20+ C weather.

These photos are from the last stretch of beach to the west of Málaga city. The tourists have gone and the seagulls had taken over. At least for a little while.





Some of the things I saw today

looking up …
though my lens. Blue sky, a few clouds and stuff in Mijas Pueblo and Carratraca

and then the full moon rising in Álora 🙂


A one year birthday celebration
Morning cosyness
The view towards Sweden from a tower at Kronborg
Visting a castle – Kronborg in Elsinore

1 year old

morning relax

in Elsinore

Visiting Kronborg

and relaxing blue at Costa del SolMediterrainean blueSome moments from the past month.